We are a law firm specialized in civil society organizations, dedicated to offer corporate and fiscal advising, which has the main objective of consolidating and supporting organizations with the accomplishment of their projects as well as to improve their transparency and efficiency, by establishing regulatory compliance programs (legal compliance) that will allow them to stay up to date with their legal and fiscal duty they’re obligated to.

Our firm

Coeo Consultores  S.C. is a law firm formed by lawyers with more than twenty years of experience offering legal advisory, specialized in the corporate and fiscal area, for Civil Society  Organizations, on a national and international level, also known as Non-governmental organizations, Non-profit Organizations or  Third Sector Organizations (Associations and Civil Societies, Private Assistance Institutions and Escrows) whose main objective is to accompany them in their process of developing in the bests way with their economic area, with the best practices of Corporate governance, applying legal and tax prerogatives they’re obligated to.   

Latin root

COEO, from the Latin root, which means “going together”, being our main objective: accompany you in the execution of your NGO’s projects from an operative, administrative, legal and fiscal point of view.


 Graduate in Law, by Universidad Panamericana and founder of the firm, is highly experienced in the Fiscal and Corporate law areas, which has contributed to consolidate him into a Civil Society Organization specialist.  

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J. Ernesto Bermejo Jimenez

Director Associate  

Graduate in Law, by Universidad Panamericana and founder of the firm, is highly experienced in the Corporate, Tax, Civil, commercial, real state, and notary acts.  

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J. Alberto Frias Hermosillo


Graduate from the faculty of law at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, experienced in Corporate, Property, Tax and Intellectual Law as well as lawsuit/litigation

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Diego R. Landeros Infante


With extensive experience in management, coordination, and planning. She carries out administrative, customer service, management, and organization activities.  

Cecilia Hernandez Cano

Director’s Assistance  

Nineth Semestre Student at Escuela Internacional de Derecho y Jurisprudencia  

Temoatzin D. Landeros Castillo


Master’s Degree Law student at Facultad de Estudios Superiores de Actlan Universidad Autonoma de Mexico  

Laura Santana Morera


Fifth Semestre student at Universidad del Valle de Mexico  

Ana Nicole Gardner Vaquero




Practice Areas  

Our development and specialty are Civil Society Organizations, either nationally or internationally. We advise all types of Institutions, Societies and Associations, Universities, Schools, Government Bodies and Assistance Institutions, helping them to obtain their Authorized Grantee status and other authorizations that will allow their organizational development. At the same time, we work in the areas of planning of Corporate Governance protocols, always taking care of the legal and economic interests of our clients. Within the sector and for its purposes, we develop our practice within the following areas and approaches:  

Authorized Grantee: planning, processing, and operation of legal entities likely to be authorized to receive deductible donations of income taxes either nationally or internationally.  

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Tax: Aiming at the study and analysis of the legal norms that regulate the relationship between the State and Civil Society Organizations, providing consulting services and wealth planning, advising our clients, and obtaining for their benefit the respective authorization to receive deductible donations of the Income Tax if the operation of the organization warrants it.  

Notarial: with the objective of managing and guiding our clients giving certainty through the Notaries we have contact with, of the acts that could be susceptible to it, covering them, advising them and granting them public faith to the acts and organizational purposes to make their existence transparent.  

Trade: As a basic matter of private law that includes all the norms related to the commercial acts to which the Organizations may be subject, regarding the fulfillment of their Social Purposes.  

Administrative: developing the study as an organization and the functions of the State Institutions, for what it’s aimed to find the best interaction between compliance organizations to the area where they develop.  

Corporate. Implementing all kinds of conceptual and instrumental tools that directly affect the formation, operation and control of any type of company. In this sense, we work with our clients by planning their legal structure, as well as being legal representatives for private and Government entities. We also participate in various Governing Boards, Boards of Trustees and other Bodies for decision-making. "

Compliance with the "Anti-laundering" legislation. (Federal Law for the prevention and identification of operations with resources of illicit origin) Focused on compliance, identification and prevention of vulnerable operations, which seeks to minimize the risky points of our clients.  

Labor: With the primary goal to regularize the personnel of the Organizations, providing hiring policies, developing internal work regulations and in analyzing the best personnel operation through schemes such as assimilable, employees, service providers, etc.  

Intellectual property. Aimed to protect all kinds of creations of the mind: brands, inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names and images used in the operation of our clients.  

Alliances, clients, support projects and responsibility.  

In the course of our professional practice, we have been able to advise multiple national and international organizations:

    • Acuavita Foundation.
    • Ambiente Acuavita A.C.
    • Amigos para la Conservación de Cabo Pulmo A.C.
    • Amor entre Huellas A.C.
    • Asistencia más Ambiente A.C.
    • Centro Intercultural de Estudios de Desierto y Océanos, CEDO A.C.
    • Controlatugobierno A.C.
    • Eco Alianza de Loreto A.C.
    • Equinoterapia Verasur A.C.
    • Fondo Golfo de México A.C.
    • Fondo de Agua Metropolitana de Monterrey A.C.
    • Fonnor A.C.
    • Fundación Merced A.C.
    • Fundación Mount Roques I.A.P.
    • Iniciativa Climática de México A.C.
    • Pro-Red Participativa A.C.
    • Pronatura México A.C.
    • Smile Train Inc.
    • Sur Verde.
    • World Justice Project México.
    • UNIR, Universidad Internacional de La Rioja en México.
    • US Mexico Leaders Network A.C.
    • Entre muchas otras más.

As specialized advisers, we understand that it is important to contribute to social improvement in Mexico, for which we are committed to the assistance and Social Development. In this sense, we have programs mainly oriented towards improvement in matters of education, health and environmental conservation.

Sites of interest and legislation

Diario oficial de la Federación
Servicio de Administración Tributaria
Sistema de Información del Registro Federal de las OSC
Portal de Prevención de Lavado de Dinero
Secretaria de Economía
Cámara de Diputados
Asamblea Legislativa de la Ciudad de México – Leyes
Código Civil Federal
Código Civil del Distrito Federal, hoy Ciudad de México
Ley de Asistencia Privada Distrito Federal, hoy CDMX
Código Fiscal de la Federación
Ley del Impuesto Sobre la Renta
Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal
Ley del Impuesto al Valor Agregado
Alternativas y Capacidades
Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía
Lista de donatarias 2017 (primera parte)

ANEXO 14 de la Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal para 2017, publicada el 23 de diciembre de 2016. 

Lista de donatarias 2017 (segunda parte)

ANEXO 14 de la Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal para 2017, publicada el 23 de diciembre de 2016. 

Lista de donatarias 2018 (primera parte)

ANEXO 14 de la Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal para 2018, publicada el 22 de diciembre de 2017.

Lista de donatarias 2018 (primera parte)

ANEXO 14 de la Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal para 2018, publicada el 22 de diciembre de 2017. (Segunda parte).

Modificación lista de donatarias 2018

Anexo 14 de la Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal – Publicación 12 de julio 2018. * Información generada desde el 08 de diciembre de 2017 hasta el 30 de abril de 2018.

Lista de donatarias 2019

Anexo 14 de la Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal – Publicación 3 de mayo 2019


Tax Specialists in the treatment of Authorized Grantees.

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