Graduate from the faculty of law at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, experienced in Corporate, Property, Tax and Intellectual Law as well as lawsuit/litigation

Diego Ricardo Landeros Infante

Academic Background
Finished his high school and university studies at Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, at Escuela Nacional Preparatoria No. 6 Antonio Caso and the faculty of law CU campus.
Professional Activity
He has developed experience at the Corporate, tax, intellectual property, Regulatory Compliance, Real Estate Judgment, Civil Lawsuit, Commercial and Tax, law areas.  
Desde 2016
Cingulum Legal S.C.
2014 - 2016
Fernandez Noriega S.C.
2011 – 2012
Consultoría Juridica Empresarial Cordero Abogados S.C.
Specialty Areas
Commercial, Corporate, Fiscal and Intellectual Properties.
Spanish and English